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Paris in Springtime (6-28-2013) How to ‘do’ Paris, spontaneously, on the weekend, in late spring By the time our kids are so big that they simply refuse to come with, we will be masters at engineering a weekend out to Paris. ... [continue reading...] -|- Stoner by John Williams - my review (4-7-2013) Stoner John Williams 1965 Republished by the New York Review of Books in 2003   ‘Stoner’ by John Williams reads like admiring the smooth patina of a dessert meringue doused in ... [continue reading...] -|- Transform young lions to puppies - How to (10-14-2012) How my husband makes four puppies out of a bunch of young lions Not only is he my husband, but he is remarkable, my husband. My husband won’t ever be heard saying something about himself. ... [continue reading...] -|- The story of Dweezil (8-14-2012) Read the rest of the story.... [continue reading...] -|- Pen sketches, Italy 2012 (8-12-2012) View my sketches made in Italy, summer 2012. [continue reading...] -|- Comparing 'A Clockwork Orange' and 'The Handmaid's Tale' (7-9-2012) The article was written in assignment for a course in literature I recently followed with my amazingly hard working, positive and energetic teacher, Jenny Denman. Jenny keeps a blog-site for her stude... [continue reading...] -|- Essay on the Autonomy of Youth (6-12-2012) Click here for a pdf-version of the essay "Essay on the autonomy of Youth" An assignment by Amber Nowak For the course in ‘Young Adult Literature’ /Hogeschool Rotterdam, 2012 An essay on ... [continue reading...] -|- The Rogue (5-8-2012) The conversation went like this: "But, when you were in your twenties, surely you had people following and emulating you? “No, I was a rogue. I travelled, I went my own way, didn’t ask bless... [continue reading...] -|- Zen and the Art of Beach-Creature Construction. (12-29-2011) ‘Strandbeesten’ – The Beach Creatures of Holland Somewhere in Holland stands a brand new residential area, where bright red bricks tower above stick-like trees shivering in the cold December ... [continue reading...] -|- "Is it something useful, Mom?" (12-20-2011) When I am not busy chasing adverbials followed by ‘noun phrase + to-infinitive clauses’ I occasionally throw the odd glance at my children, and ask myself how they’ve been in the past months. Ri... [continue reading...] -|- Assessment of the Delft Method of Second Language Teaching (12-19-2011) The following essay is a school assignment for a course called 'History of English Language Teaching' which is given by one of my favourite teachers. Indeed, I count myself amongst the very lucky to h... [continue reading...] -|- Overall Emotional Experience while eating Pannetone (12-18-2011) It is almost Christmas. The tree is up and colourful and I play ridiculous generic Christmas music of the type you are likely to hear on the escalator in department stores. The up-side of living in Eu... [continue reading...] -|- My Italian holiday 2011 - Part One 'The Clothing Boutique' (8-30-2011) The first thing I did when we arrived in Italy was establish that I had not brought enough clothes with me. Not that it is at all very cold there. It is that I am now nearing forty, and am of the firm... [continue reading...] -|- Hey Buddy, where's my integration? (8-22-2011) After ten years living in the Netherlands, I would like to consider myself "fully integrated" in society. I have even integrated into the imported Moroccan and Turkish culture which enlivens my sense ... [continue reading...] -|- Pan's Labyrinth (del Toro, 2006) (8-22-2011) Pan’s Labyrinth (Guillermo del Toro 2006) “A beautiful film!” said my friend Kees while I shrunk away into my cinema seat during a snippet of this bizarre film at our local art house cinema. ... [continue reading...] -|- How I love camping (8-11-2011) I hate just about everything about camping. It starts when you’re still at home. You pluck your house apart. You dismantle the very fibre of that cosy nest which works so well. Don’t forget the... [continue reading...] -|- KINGS OF THE ROAD (3-31-2011) Friends of teenagers! Teachers! Heed my cry!: KINGS OF THE ROAD For years now the depraved recklessness of teenagers on bicycles in this flat land has resulted in the guttural gurgle of my stifl... [continue reading...] -|- My English is 'Substandard' (3-14-2011) SUB STANDARD According to an elderly gentleman I know, I speak sub-standard English, because I am from South Africa. Héh??!? Okay, just hold the phone. What is the statement here? It’s like this... [continue reading...] -|- Trying my hand at Flash Fiction (3-7-2011) How much can you leave out, and still tell it all? Here are four very short 'Flash Fiction' style short stories. All stories were penned within 10 minutes, at least 50% was done in under 5. (That mak... [continue reading...] -|- Colour, culture and class - a brief reflection (2-3-2011) Delft, 3 February 2011 Dear ..., I read your article on moralizing the issue of racism and how that could lead to problems in society. It is a nicely written piece and shows true concern. Thanks... [continue reading...] -|- Once upon a Time There was a Snake (10-25-2010) ONCE UPON A TIME THERE WAS A SNAKE There once was a snake. He was a beautiful, fluffy, sweet snake, with large, twinkling, brown eyes. And above his twinkling brown eyes he had two large, furry bro... [continue reading...] -|- A poem: a letter of apology (9-10-2010) A LETTER OF APOLOGY This is just to say so sorry that I had to go away The Niger River called with its wide drifting waters fresh fish and coconut rice dinners straight from the pot Lon... [continue reading...] -|- BANKSY - "Exit through the gift shop" 2010 (9-8-2010) ...This incident may narrow down Banksy’s followers to those who defy hype-boundaries and have true appreciation of an ever-rising rebellion against the mediocrity of mainstream social indulgence.... [continue reading...] -|- Filmhuis Lumen recensie (9-8-2010) BANKSY ‘Exit through the gift shop’ – 2010 Opvallend is dat het in Banksy’s film niet om zijn eigen werk gaat, maar om het ‘fenomeen’ Theirry “Mr Brainwash” Guetta, een Franse camer... [continue reading...] -|- Until the End of the World - Wim Wenders 1991 (9-1-2010) Until the End of the World is German film director Wim Wender’s epic road movie – which came out at the beginning of the nineties and captured my heart for all my years of intense travelling. It i... [continue reading...] -|- Figaro (8-26-2010) I went to see my boxing trainer, to fetch the empty cake tray from the birthday gathering the night before; the night on which I got so motherless. I parked my bike at the back, where a guy was standi... [continue reading...] -|- Charcoal sketches, August 2010 (8-23-2010) Charcoal, all 30x40cm. Date: 22 and 23 August, 2010. Late nights, nobody around except them giants with trumpets full of dreams... ACN [continue reading...] -|- Lawrence of Arabia (8-19-2010) Oh, Lawrence, with his woeful eyes. A hundred years ago he caught the world’s attention by wearing the traditional garb of an Arab, and unwittingly romanticising the Arab revolt with his blue eyes... [continue reading...] -|- The Belt (6-15-2010) From the first time I took a ride from a bicycle rikshaw cabby in India I was hooked. I was exhilarated beyond measure by the casual way the driver weaved his way at top speed through the hideously di... [continue reading...] -|- Where the Wild Things Are - Spike Jonze, 2009 (6-13-2010) WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE – Tumble in the jungle with your Wild Side. Enter the eerie and uncomfortable habitat of the monsters which lurk in the half-settled mind of a frustrated child. Film-mak... [continue reading...] -|- T.E. Lawrence 'Seven Pillars..' (5-13-2010) The Seven Pillars of Wisdom, p 276. "All day the grey-green expanse of stones and bushes quivered like a mirage with the movement of men on foot; and horsemen; men on camels; camels bearing the hun... [continue reading...] -|- A feast of punctuation, p 125, 'Seven Pillars..' (5-13-2010) T.E. Lawrence "Seven Pillars of Wisdom" p 125. For the love of punctuation, may I make this contribution: "Mirzuk, a good-looking, clever lad (a little too sharp-featured) falling into the spirit o... [continue reading...] -|- Film analysis paper: The Diving Bell and Butterfly, Julian Schnabel 2009 (5-6-2010) Film analysis paper: THE DIVING BELL AND THE BUTTERFLY Julian Schnabel 2007 Story outline in brief A man awakens after a coma to find he has had a stroke and is alive due to an unusual condition kn... [continue reading...] -|- Film analysis paper - 'Brothers' (Sheridan, 2009) (5-6-2010) Assignment: watch the film, and then write a summary/analysis of the film. In my first semester of this year I did this, and I got a top mark for the paper below: BROTHERS’/US/ 2009/Jim Sherid... [continue reading...] -|- Inglourious Basterds: Tarantino is yo' Mama (2-24-2010) HE HAS MADE SO MANY SHARP FILMS, he has shown us the wit in violence and murder, and the mediocrity of high-crime gangstership; he has made a feast out of meaningless dialogue; he can keep it simple, ... [continue reading...] -|- T.E. Lawrence "The Seven Pillars of Wisdom" (2-15-2010) The Seven Pillars of Wisdom, 1926. (1935, Penguin.) Page 99. "My duty was now to take the shortest road to Egypt with the news: and the knowledge gained that evening in the palm wood grew and bloss... [continue reading...] -|- My friend Gavin and the legacy of Rockey Street (2-14-2010) "...we surfed freakland & yet we never slid into that morass of free peoples mediocrity..." says my friend Gavin to me now, February 2010. Gavin is an old buddy; an ancient buddy. I met Gav som... [continue reading...] -|- John Barrie - 'Peter Pan' 1911 (2-4-2010) Peter Pan and Wendy - CHAPTER VIII The Mermaid's Lagoon "The most haunting time at which to see the mermaids is at the turn of the moon, when they utter strange wailing cries; but the lagoon is dan... [continue reading...] -|- Today, my son went to hell... (2-3-2010) On RuneScape. Yes: that is quite possible. He did a lot of crying, and lost all of his stuff – except a shield and a small satchel of ash, or something. It was quite an ordeal; he needed a lot of sy... [continue reading...] -|- How to divert insanity (2-2-2010) WHAT MY FRIENDS TELL ME... and I don't know where they get it.... is that insanity is something to ward off. Where'd they get that idea? So, what's so special about being a balanced and competent i... [continue reading...] -|- I am your pleaser (1-25-2010) I recently inherited my husband’s old mobile telephone. I was amused to see with what he likes to entertain his ever-present bodily urge: a photo of a nice-looking lady adorned his screensaver – s... [continue reading...] -|- Rotterdam by Night (1-15-2010) Walking the Streets of Rotterdam in late December 2009, The night is dark and so very cold tonight as I shuffle along Rotterdam's spinal cord - the Westersingel. I am heading for Rotterdam’s centra... [continue reading...] -|- The QUEUE (12-30-2009) I was waiting in line at the service desk at the local library, with an issue. For the most part, the library is fully automated and amply stocked with terminals in all wings, floors and departments, ... [continue reading...] -|- Consonants: Place of articulation (12-24-2009) PHONETICS:  The Consonants. Depicted in the diagram is the Place of Articulation for each consonant. Click the picture to get a bigger screen version for printing. [continue reading...] -|- Vernon Kellogg - Headquarters Nights 1917 (12-10-2009) Vernon Kellogg (foreword by Theodore Roosevelt) "Headquarters Nights: A Record of Conversations and Experiences at the Headquarters of the German Army in France and Belgium" Atlantic Monthly Press, Bo... [continue reading...] -|- A Perfect Moment (12-3-2009) Yesterday, I had one: A perfect moment. There are obviously many perfect moments, some perhaps shared, and they take place all over the world in the most bizarre ways, either amidst fathomless turmoil... [continue reading...] -|- "You can sit in the wild, Mom!" (11-16-2009) Football practice. My nine-year old son Joel goes to his football practice dressed in his kit, on his bicycle, summer and winter, rain or shine, twice a week, from 7 to 8 pm. After going week after... [continue reading...] -|- The Big Rock Candy Mountain - a Hobo Ballad by Harry Kirby McClintock (11-14-2009) "The Big Rock Candy Mountain" - a song once written by Harry Kirby McClintock in 1928 - has come to new fame since its appearance in Joel and Ethan Coen's film "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" which is se... [continue reading...] -|- LOOKING FOR ERIC by KEN LOACH (11-13-2009) Responding to the call of duty, Ken Loach makes a great English film, with a bit of French help from Eric Cantona, and a fine leading part played by Steve Evets. Let’s look at ‘LOOKING FOR ERIC... [continue reading...] -|- WHAT’S WITH YOUR ACCENT ?? (9-15-2009) An autobiographical piece A native speaker of any language usually has a cultural homeland: a place where he or she associates the deepest and fondest memories of childhood and rhyme. Such a p... [continue reading...] -|- Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, 1823 (9-13-2009) Page 89 of "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley, 1823. "FRANKENSTEIN, YOUR SON, YOUR KINSMAN, your early, much-loved friend; he who would spend each vital drop of blood for your sakes - who has no though... [continue reading...] -|- Truman Capote - 'Master Misery' 1967 (9-13-2009) Truman Capote - the first sentence from the short story  'Master Misery' 1967. From the compilation "A Tree of Night and other stories" Penguin, 1967. "HER HIGH HEELS, clacking across the marble f... [continue reading...] -|- The Peasant and His Wife (8-31-2009) There once was a man not particularly handsome, who was in bad need of a wife. Indeed, he was unbecoming to look at, and his many teeth and broad forehead had scared off many potential candidates over... [continue reading...] -|- Gorillas Precious Humans (8-25-2009) I previously posted this article in our old "Gazette" a few months ago. I reckon it didn't get much air down at the bottom of the post, on the 112th page. So I thought I'd put it up here, and let it g... [continue reading...] -|- Baader-Meinhof (8-24-2009) Stefan Aust, the German journalist and editor of high-profile German periodical ‘Der Spiegel‘, wrote a book in 1989 called "Der Baader-Mainhof Komplex". The book gives an accurate and horrifying p... [continue reading...] -|- Babel - real life drama with a gut feeling (7-30-2009) Babel was released in 2006, and I didn't see it. For one, it had Brad Pitt in it, and I was a bit tired of Brad in his endless 'pretty man in his forties' roles. But this is different! I see certain t... [continue reading...] -|- I love English (7-8-2009) I love the English language. It was written and developed just for me. English is mine; it is my personal property. The phonetics of English sits snugly in my jaw, like a baby in a basket, It suit... [continue reading...] -|-