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About Amber

Hello, my name is Amber and I currently live in Delft, near Rotterdam, with my husband and our two sons. After spending most of my life on the road, driving trucks, hitch hiking and travelling for tens of thousands of kilometres through Africa and other continents; learning languages and artfully keeping out of immigration trouble, I have now actually settled down to start the education I failed to be blessed with as a teenager.

Somewhere between an artist and a writer, a rebel and a railway child, I will attempt to re-invent myself here, in step with this fast-track global funfair we call the western world, and try to offer something that people can really relate to. Even if it is just to point out the obviousness of the mess we got ourselves into.

Thanks for your visit to my site, which was made for me and is maintained by my wonderful husband, who does this with dedication, true love and a solid IT-addiction. What do you know? Comments, suggestions are always welcome. Joy and peace are not; praying to any brotherhood is also out of the question. And, as Groucho Marx said: “if you don’t like my principles, I have others.” So, may the cyber free-for-all happily continue to elicit a global response – at a click.

If you are just checking, because you discovered a typo or something, then you are cordially thanked, and visit again soon.